Home Mover Mortgages

So even as a homeowner who has been through the mortgage application process before purchasing a new home can still be a daunting prospect as things in the property and mortgage industry change all the time or you may have simply forgotten the process.


There are some important things to consider when moving home such as whether you are in the middle of a fixed rate period with your current mortgage lender. If you are then you can apply to “port” your outstanding mortgage balance to the new property and then top up the balance with a new product available at that time from your current lender subject to affordability. This is usually the most cost-effective way of doing things as it means you won’t have to pay the early repayment charge to your lender if you were to repay the loan in full whilst still locked into a fixed rate. Please be aware that porting is only available where you meet your current lender’s criteria to do so.

If you are near the end or have come out of your current fixed rate product then we can research the whole of the mortgage market to find the lender that best suits your needs in terms of cost or circumstance for your new mortgage to facilitate your purchase.

No matter how you proceed you will need to go through full affordability and credit checks as well as the full application process with your current or new lender to make sure that you can afford the new mortgage being applied for.


After confirming whether to port your current mortgage or approach a new lender it is important to look at some other factors such as how much equity from the sale you are putting down as a deposit for the new purchase.

Other costs such as estate agent fees, stamp duty and legal fees need to be factored in and this needs to be accurate so that a nasty shortfall doesn’t rear its head at the completion stage.


As you are likely to have increased your mortgage loan we must review any protection policies you originally took out as they are now more than likely leaving you short in terms of the amount of cover for your new mortgage.

All of the above is easiest discussed during a face-to-face meeting that can be conducted at your home, place of work or somewhere else of your choosing.